We Have Original, Innovative Equipment!

MEDEX offers a wide range of innovative, highly technological equipment in the field of biomechanics, deisgned to optimize the performance of the human body regarding muscle strengthening, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, flexibility, as well as equipment designed to help train the brain.

Our technology and MEDEX equipment have been approved and endorsed by very well-known international institutions such as the European Economic Community (CEE) and the Centre d’ Alt Rendiment from Sant Cugat (CAR), in Barcelona, Spain. Our rehabilitation equipment has been certified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Aditionally, thanks to the partnership with MedFit, we also represent the NAUTILUS equipment line. Both world renowned brands, present for over 40 years on the rehab, health and exercise markets.

Likewise, MEDEX represents the DYNAVISION brand in Latin America. They develop specialized equipment in neurological and action/reaction cognitive training, peripheral vision increase and improvements in the visual field, as well as equipment that evaluates and helps to improve the field performance and resistance.

MEDEX also represents equipent which helps improve the cardiovascular performance and endurance, highly efficient in the rehab and sports training areas, such as WOODWAY and SCIFIT , with a relationship that spans over 3 decades. Both brands have top of the line equipment with avant-garde designs and technology for rehabilitation and exercise. All the equipment that we commercialize is used in our exercise and rehab centers. This provides credibility and trust to all our potential customers, since we use and test everything we represent.